Hurricane Sandy, the hangover

Newport, The day after Sandy.

By and large Newport missed the big hit that Long Island Sound,  New York City, New Jersey-and other areas- were pummeled by.

I am just back from a tour around town and apart from the trees & branches down, it looks remarkable normal. As far as I can tell, no boats got washed off their moorings. According to several news sources around town, there was about 2 feet of water in the Bannisters Wharf & Bowen’s Wharf area, America’s Cup Ave. Thames St., south to Wellington Ave. and Lower Thames St. Driving along America’s Cup Ave. this morning past the Wharfs, it was hard to tell by observation that this was the case.Regardless the Newport Daily News has a picture of a guy paddling a kayak with the south side of the Seaman’s Church Institute in the background.

Out at Sail Newport & Fort Adams, it looked like this:

The dinghy boat park at Sail Newport-Usually jam packed with Lasers, Vanguard 15’s, 420’s and some other skiffs- was fairly empty. The “V” shaped weed debris marks the high tide line.

The weed got to these Vanguard 15 spars too.

This R.I.B. was the only boat I saw washed ashore.

On the north side of Admiral’s Pier (the one with the cranes) the water washed a pile of gravel ashore.

The high tide line from the Admiral’s Pier extended north towards Fort Adams.

Most of the Sail Newport J-22’s made it OK.

A grand use for your old high test running rigging.

Sail Newport Executive Director Brad Read and his kids pulling a spar from a J 22. This one capsized on its cradle and sustained damage on the starboard gunwale.

Alofsin Piers-one of the big baulks of timber from the side of the pier was washed into the corner.


The shore end of the Alofsin Piers, some damage to the decking.

The Alofsin Piers would have been under water at some point. At the peak, about 1500, the Piers and Ft. Adams were dead down wind, with about a one mile fetch across the harbor. Buzzards Tower reported a peak gust of 65 knots about then.

I was out at this time yesterday taking some pictures. I could not post them because I arrived to home to no power and some very wobbly trees.

Sandy from Goat Is to SE to S to Rebecca  Is a video I shoat yesterday.  I could not post it then due to power outage in Middletown.

A still shot from Goat Island docks to the SE across Newport Harbor towards I.Y.R.S. This lovely big cutter was one of a few boats in the harbor. Shot about 1500 or so when Buzzards Bay tower reported a gust of 65 knots.

Sandy from Goat Is to SE to S to Rebecca This is another video from Goat Island again looking to I.Y.R.S. and panning to the South.

A view to the south from the entrance to the Goat Island Docks showing the back wash up against the Goat Island bulkhead. Tide wise this was all just after low tide….About 1500 or so. High tide on Monday night was @ 2023