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If you are reading this website you are most likely a sailor. It is a great activity and can be very satisfying, but for many folks, especially those who came to sailing later in life, there are some things that can make a nice day on the bay, well, not so nice. Ring a bell?

  • Do you avoid using your cruising spinnaker, or shun the idea of one because it is “too complicated”?
  • Would an easier way to set, trim, and lower your cruising spinnaker add value to the day’s downwind sail back from say Block Island, for those of you in the NE?
  • Do your headsail sheets always get caught in the shrouds thus slowing down the tack and making for a big grind by the “grinders”—aka your spouse, partner, non sailing buddies or the kids?
  • Have you dreamed of making a longer passage, regardless of destination, something that pushes your comfort zone pretty hard, but  just cannot get all the details, equipment, and systems coordinated?
  • Would you like to improve your anchoring, mooring, and docking skills?
  • Do you race, or want to race but have difficulty training and organizing crew?

If, like many weekend sailors, these are just a few of the small (or large?) tensions experienced while sailing, relax. There are solutions to all of them.

All you need is someone who can identify the problem and show you ways to solve it. Someone with skill across a wide range of boats locations and scenarios. Someone professional. In short, someone like me.

Solving Your Sailing Challenges

I have worked with clients to solve their sailing challenges and enhance their enjoyment of sailing. During countless hours on the water with clients — both new sailors and experienced boat owners — I have:

  • Created more efficient deck layouts &  improved sail trimming tools
  • Coached couples and Bermuda race crews on spinnaker flying and more efficient ways of tacking
  • Organized crews, both racing and cruising and coached them in more efficient operation on board
  • Developed fast, simple, and relatively inexpensive ways to set small sails under a large, light, and full 150% roller headsail, which as we all know is not much good in 20 knots, is it?
  • Increased clients’ understanding of sail shape, and their skill in manipulating sails
  • Consulted on upgrading hardware — both the equipment and creating the techniques to make better use of the hardware (rather than merely adding some new shiny widget in the hope that all will be better)
  • Coached clients on faster and easier reefing methods

It makes sense to try and maximize the “Fun Factor” (AKA VALUE) of each day (hour) on the boat, especially in the Northeast where we only get half as much time as balmier climes.

Call so we can discuss the following services to improve the value of your sailing hours:
1.    An on-site review of your boat and its deck layout and equipment with you including an extensive interview to prepare a list of things to make sailing easier
2.    Managing the upgrades with your yard or rigger in the event you want to proceed with my recommendations
3.    Onboard coaching for cruising, such as ways to set and douse the cruising spinnaker, answers to sail trim techniques and integrating the techniques into the system
4.    Offer racing coaching on strategies & crew work & related organizing
5.    Consulting on preparing a boat for an offshore passage

I look forward to your call.
Cell: 401 965 6006



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