Alex Thompson does the right and good thing

So the “Alex Dilemma” seems to have diffused a bit.

He gets to be the good guy and demonstrate that it is possible to be a gentleman and competitive at the same time. Frankly that is a relief.

He looks to be able to take his Third and perhaps an 80 day Voyage too (Yogi Berra rule though is sill in play)

The latest report on the VG site reports Thompson lightening the pressure on the GO pedal so as to stay within Jack Aubry’s proverbialĀ  biscuit toss of JP Dick until it is clearer what the impact of the conditions out there for the next 24-30 hours are really going too be.

JP Dick has a good man at his back, or at least close enough to his portĀ  side, that if he submerges the Windex, he ought to not have too long to wait for part of the Cavalry to arrive, and well dressed they will be to boot. Not quite sure about the drill for recovering someone in the conditions they may be forced to face though. My guess is that a 60 will not be manageable, have steerage way, at anything under about 5-7 knots of boat speed and so getting a line to JP, without fouling one or both boats and then getting JP aboard….well lets not get too far down that track.

I guess this is one time that both skippers would be glad to not have deck spreaders.

Position wise, as defined by DTF, Alex is now, 3 miles ahead of JP, but 40 miles roughly to the north of him. Both are still SW of the Azores.

The leading edge of the front with the Big Wind, is about 350 miles to their NW.

The BBC High Seas forecast maintains Storm Warnings for 6 areas.

I wish this race would hurry up and end-I gotta get back to work….

Bon Courage.